donderdag 27 maart 2008

Skoda goes Aircooled?

To my big suprise, I saw that the new 2008 models Skoda can be suplied with an aircooled engine.
This new model is only available at Nederbugs......

woensdag 26 maart 2008

THANKS 1001 Hits

Thanks for the 1001 hits
or so.
Wido takes 1 or 2 on that.

THANKS 1000 Hits

Thanks for the 1000 hits.
From LtoR Michel, Richard,
Rick and John.

maandag 24 maart 2008

zondag 23 maart 2008

SO67 Westie Tin Tops

2 1969 SO67 Westie Tin Tops
Both L87 pearl white (only west falia)
1st is now a Deluxe,
the 2nd is bone stock and stil
in the 1st owners hands.
It now gets new paint, by

zondag 16 maart 2008


Next stop: Volksworld Show.

Were now cleaning and polishing
the bus, so its at its best in the UK.

dinsdag 11 maart 2008

Ninove 2008, a rainy day

It was a rainy day, but still there where a lot of beautifull cars from all over europe (and some aircooled motorcycles)

Cruise to Ninove

The cruise to Ninove became a minicruise, but dispite the weather we still had a lot of fun.
Thanks to Niels for his time and care

zaterdag 8 maart 2008

Michel's Double slidedoors

Michel's T1. After all the years still a real headturner.
The double slidedoors give's this one an unique look.

vrijdag 7 maart 2008

Nederbugs at the European Bug-In

Bug In 2007 was a real blast, I hope to see you at the 2008 edition